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Columba Olivia 

Extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. COLUMBA OLIVIA adobts the so-called athinoelia variety, also known as Matsolia or Tsounati, which yields fine, high quality olive oil of low acidity and dark amber colour. Its flavor texture constitutes a harmonious combination of bitter and spicy, strong fruity aroma and golden green colour.

Golden Water

24 karat golden filtered water

kendo bottle 0,750L


The outstanding fruit quality and the techniques used secure an extra virgin oil of very low (< 0.3%) acidity. Our «koroneiki» variety is a product of a careful, expertly executed procedure of cold pressing the olives in order to avoid loss of nutritional value. Benefiting from this, the result gives a fruity, gently scented oil that caresses your palate. 500ml specially coated bottles protect oil from hostile lighting conditions keeping it fresh, transparent and nutritious as precisely the day of the packaging. 

Pure Drops

Rio Frio Caviar


Pure Drops has identified and selected olive groves with the highest quality in Peloponnese, one of the most important regions in the olive oil production. Some of the varieties we use in our “Pure Drops” olive oils are: Koroneiki, Manaki, Matsolia Athinolia and Mayrelia .

Rio Frio has been producing caviar since 1955. It is credited with being the world's first certified organic caviar. Rio Frio produces an organic caviar that comes from the naccarii sturgeon, which originate in the southern European region. Rio Frio has produced some of the finest organic caviar that meets the highest standards of sustainability available. The sturgeon are raised in an environment that is conscious to mother nature, while offering the highest quality of caviar. The eggs are a greyish-greenish color with a medium size that is sure to please every caviar aficionado.‚Äč

Snails Day offers snail specialities prepared according to original recipes with production throughout the whole year. In the natural protected area of the Czech Forest they breed African snail (Helix aspersa Maxima) for gastronomy purposes .